March 27, 2011

A couple of years ago I joined Facebook along with the masses. I have dutifully posted pictures, updates and commented on friends’ posts.  My primary reason for joining was to try to understand its utility – it wasn’t readily obvious to me. It still isn’t.

Now if I had kids or lived half way around the world from my family it might be different. But I struggle to figure out how my life is actually better for having Facebook. In fact, I think it’s probably a net negative. It takes time and allows me to keep in touch with people without actually having to interact with them meaningfully like by phone or in person.

I’m not even sure that if I had a business to promote that being on Facebook would be a necessity for success.

Nevertheless, I still maintain a profile. I think I do so because there might be an unknown negative to not being there.

I came across this blog entry that I think does a good job of making the case to quit Facebook,particularly if you’re an entrepreneur.  Enjoy!