In today’s Globe and Mail there is an article about a memorial that has been built in honour of those passengers who died on Air Canada flight 621. It made me reflect on a story my dad once told me.

Back in the 1960’s he was doing a fair bit of travel to Asia including China, Hong Kong and Japan. On one business trip to Hong Kong he had finished up work a day early and was scheduled to fly out on the afternoon of the following day. He scheduled a sightseeing tour for that morning in order to burn time.

The next morning he woke up and felt a cold coming on. In addition to this, he was never one to just hang around on business trips – he liked to get home. So these two things prompted him to phone his travel agent and ask her to move him to an earlier flight. She did so. I’m very thankful.

Without that call I wouldn’t exist.

She moved him to an earlier flight, he flew home and turned on the news. The news was full of stories about Canadian Pacific Airlines flight 402 which had crashed on approach to Japan’s Tokyo International Airport. Only eight passengers survived.

My dad was originally scheduled on that flight which began in Hong Kong and was routed through Tokyo to Vancouver.

Generally speaking I am a firm believer that we make our own good fortune.

But at the end of all this I’ve concluded that luck does play a role in our lives.

Here’s a link to the Wikipedia entry on the crash:


Ian Jessop hosts a One-on-One segment on Victoria’s CFAX 1070 radio station.

Last week I joined Geoff Archer, (who is singularly the best entrepreneurship professor I have met), to talk about vision statements and business plans. After the show Ian asked me if I’d like to talk entrepreneurship with him on his Sunday morning show.

I’m always happy to discuss entrepreneurship with the hope that someone out there will hear something that challenges them, motivates them or even reminds them that if they’re tripping in their entrepreneurial journey that it’s okay as long as they keep getting up.

If you would like to listen to me and Ian please click on the link below. The interview starts about 6 minutes into the segment.