May 26, 2011



I have gone through the process of inventorying 650 non-fiction, hard cover books from my father’s library. Between his library and mine we probably have 1250 books. They take up a lot of space in increasingly small homes. I am in a decent sized 2 bedroom condo and I’m running out of space

Books have always been a presence in my home. I really enjoy the look, feel and smell of books. I like turning pages. However, I’ve come to realize that books in paper form are increasingly becoming a luxury.

I’m generally a late adopter of technology. However, I’ve recently purchased a Kobo and have resolved – at least for now -that I will purchase all books in electronic form except for those that have emotional, historical or financial value (like my book on Truman with a note in it to my grandfather from Truman).

I dislike reading on computer screens and tablets. Too much light. The e-readers have an etch-a-sketch feel to them. No back light means a soft experience on the eyes. I’ll run with this for a while and see how it works out.

I don’t think I’m alone with this conclusion. I wonder what it means for books thirty or forty years from now. What is the business opportunity?