On December 29 we had an interesting hour long segment on entrepreneurship and investing on CFAX 1070.


In the first half hour we discussed Uber which is turning the point-to-point transportation (ie: taxi) industry on its head. Taxi cabs have operated in an artificial market protected by regulations that rarely if ever provide a better or safer service for the customer. In fact in cities like Vancouver and San Francisco where there are 1 and 1.9 cabs per thousand people, this regulated market has only protected the cab drivers.

Uber has developed an application and pricing scheme that is upsetting the whole sector and providing consumers with choice.


In the second half we welcome Mayank Chauhan of NutTea of http://www.nutteabar.com who pitches me on his start-up business which has developed an organic, tea infused energy bar.

Click here and listen in: https://soundcloud.com/ian-jessop-cfax/december-29-2pm