The shortage of family doctors is no secret in British Columbia.  As a consequence of this shortage, many British Columbian’s resort to walk-in clinics for their simpler medical checkups.  The problem with these clinics is that they are often so busy that patients are sometimes waiting hours.

Enter Clinicbook.ca.  Robin, Winnie and Joel are building a tool giving patients the opportunity to see wait times in real time.  Additionally, their building the “Open Table” for dentists – looking for a new dentist, just visit Clinicbook to find them and book your first appointment.  All done online.

Check out this vignette to learn more!

OpenTable for Dentists

October 9, 2010

Robin and the Clinicbook team are going to do great, great things.  Read all about what Clinicbook is up to by reading this Vancouver Sun article.  Visit their website here (www.clinicbook.ca) to book your dental appointment!



September 22, 2010

I met Robin McFee and Winnie Lai a couple of years ago when we were in the very early stages of forming entrepreneurship@UBC (it was so long ago that e@UBC was then called the UBC New Ventures Program!).

They immediately impressed me as two student / entrepreneurs who had the royal jelly to make something interesting happen.  I think Robin has been involved in three start-ups since we met (Clinicbook.ca being the third) and Winnie has been busy not only co-founding Clinicbook, but also running and expanding the Vancouver Student Entrepreneurship Association.

Clinicbook is an interesting start-up that is attempting to assist individual users of health care toward better access both primary care physicians (by communicating wait times) and dentists (by booking appointments online).  Think OpenTable but for doctors.

Winnie was recently featured in MacLean’s Magazine.  Check out the article here: http://ow.ly/2Ipw4

UBC Entrepreneurs

October 27, 2009

I have been working with a team at The University of  British Columbia in forming and launching a first of its kind program in entrepreneurship.

Open to all UBC students and, eventually, all members of the UBC family, entrepreneurship@UBC” will provide student entrepreneurs with time (workshops, fireside chats, mentorship), talent (for credit courses in entrepreneurship, venture investing and company building) and, most interestingly, treasure (an equity fund created specifically to fund UBC student companies).

While I’ll write more on entrepreneurship@UBC later, this post is about a new student led company called “Clinicbook”.  Clinicbook, founded by UBC Applied Sciences undergraduate students Robin McFee and Winnie Lai, is a web-based tool for medical clinics to publish their waiting times in real-time.  So, when a patient is looking for a walk-in clinic they can now visit http://www.clinicbook.ca, locate nearby clinics and, most importantly, determine waiting times updated in real-time.

I have enjoyed getting to know Robin and Winnie as they have gone through the formation of this company. I have been wholly impressed.  I have watched as these founders:

(1) Identified a market pain both for the doctors, their administrative and front office staff and, indeed, patients.

(2) Recruited a team to help them create Clinicbook’s current beta.

(3) Undertook business development and landed over sixty clinics and several major pharmacies as clients (before launch, no less!)

(4) Revised the product based on input from advisors, customers and clinics, and

(5) Launched their beta this week.

I have no doubt that Clinicbook has found a very interesting market space.  I just hope Robin and Winnie will come back and mentor some UBC students once they’ve sold Clinicbook and retired!