Stephen Toope

June 27, 2011

The University of British Columbia has had great leadership over the years. This is one reason why it is consistently moving up the world wide rankings of post secondary institutions.

Martha Piper was widely recognized as having done a great job for UBC and many were of the view that her successor Stephen Toope had very big shoes to fill. I’ve long been of the view that he’s not only filled them, but he’s taken this great university to a whole new level. His commitment to the student experience ($25 million investment in a new Alma Mater Society building for them), his commitment to alumni through UBC’s investment in our new Alumni Centre (www.alumnicentre.ubc.ca), his ability to recruit top talent like Pierre Ouillet, Stephen Owen and Barbara Miles and keep great talent such as Brian Sullivan and others are are testament to his leadership.

Now, with this little diddy below he shows a “softer” side of leadership. Here is the president of one of BC’s biggest employers up on stage entertaining the crowd.

Terrific stuff, Professor Toope!

As I went through the process of giving away my father’s library I did my very best to be disciplined in what I kept for myself. After the first round of organizing the library my sister was very good at following my instructions to “remind me that I don’t have the room for too many books.”

However, an email from a good friend which read, “Are you nuts? Keep them – you’ll regret it!”, prompted me to take another look.

So in addition to the 800 or 900 that I gave away to charity and friends, I kept between 75 and 100 for myself. Books on Churchill, Lord Nelson, American presidents, presidential elections, Pierre Burton Canadian history and nautical / marine related books now form part of my library.

Thanks Dad.