Harbour Air

Those of us who live on the southwest coast of British Columbia are very familiar with the yellow and white float planes that come and go from all over the coast.

Harbour Air has been voted as one of Canada’s top managed companies for several years. On our September 8 segment we talked about what makes great management and used Harbour Air as an example.

Click the link below and enjoy. As always, fast forward to about 33 minutes.


Fast forward to 51 minutes and listen in to learn about all that is happening in Victoria this weekend at the Victoria Dragon Boat Festival!


After taking the summer off I’m back on CFAX 1070 talking about entrepreneurship.

This month we talk about the importance of focus in order to be successful in entrepreneurship. We use examples of how when various entrepreneurs were distracted by buying sports franchises their businesses suffered and in some cases failed.

As always fast forward to about 34 minutes and enjoy!

BC Cancer Fundraising

July 24, 2015

B35C2X Lights of Courage in honour of cancer patients Victoria British Columbia Canada

B35C2X Lights of Courage in honour of cancer patients Victoria British Columbia Canada

The Victoria Dragon Boat Festival Society raises money annually for the BC Cancer Foundation and has been doing so for about six years. Almost $600,000 has been raised over this time with much of that coming from its Lights of Courage campaign.

I was on CFAX this morning talking about Lights of Courage which launches today.

Visit the link below and fast forward to about 51:30 minutes to learn more.

renters-ownersAn interesting essay on short term thinking from the CEO of Blackrock.

I’m not sure about manipulating public policy (in the form of lengthening the holding period for the tax treatment of dividends in the US) to impact investor thinking.

However, the idea of getting investors to think like owners instead of renters makes good sense.


Vancouver Club Rooftop Garden

On yesterday’s CFAX 1070 segment on entrepreneurship and investing, recent University of Victoria graduate Chris Hildreth pitched me on his new venture.

Top Soil proposes to build a business growing produce on building rooftops all over the Capital Regional District (to start) and selling the fresh product to local restaurants. Victoria hotspot Fiamo has already signed on.

This is a true “triple bottom line” business. Click the link below and listen in (as always fast forward to about 32 minutes) to hear us talk about the most important component of the trip bottom line – profitability.


On April 8 University of Victoria student Bhupinder Dulku pitches me on his start-up business http://www.travelmetrics.co.

When hearing an investment pitch for a start-up I look for four topcis to be clearly and succinctly answered:

(1) Describe the market pain.

(2) Describe your solution.

(3) Provide your background and any skills you need to drive the business successfully.

(4) Describe how you’re going to make money and the investment opportunity.

Click the link below and listen in to his pitch and my questions and critique.