After taking the summer off I’m back on CFAX 1070 talking about entrepreneurship.

This month we talk about the importance of focus in order to be successful in entrepreneurship. We use examples of how when various entrepreneurs were distracted by buying sports franchises their businesses suffered and in some cases failed.

As always fast forward to about 34 minutes and enjoy!

Ray Kroc

With all the mega success stories of young entrepreneurs like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook one can be left to wonder whether it’s too late to become an entrepreneur if you’re not in your twenties.

On today’s monthly CFAX 1070 segment on investing and entrepreneurship we discuss late in life entrepreneurs like Ray Kroc (who bought McDonald’s when he was 52), Harland Sanders (who founded KFC when he was 65) and Robin Chase (who founded Zipcar at 42).

The short answer is, “no”, mid-life is not too late to have a big win!

As always click the following link and fast forward to about 32 minutes.

Lessons Learned

Today Ian Jessop and I talked about some of lessons I’ve learned through building, running and selling two of my businesses.

Click this link and fast forward to about 32 minutes and listen in: https://soundcloud.com/ian-jessop-cfax/march-2-2pm

Some of those key lessons include:

– focus on customer cash over all other sources of cash;

– let underperforming staff go more quickly, and;

– invest less of my own money and grow the business more from customer cash than equity.

We also talked about how entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and there are good arguments for some to go the job route. Some of these include:

– paid education;

– being held accountable by your employer;

– being part of bigger game;

– forming meaningful relationships, and;

– having more disposable income.

Refer to this entrepreneur.com article for more insights: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/242951.

Today we talked about mentorship and its value to entrepreneurs on CFAX 1070. Oliver Perez who I worked with at my last business and who has since gone on to build up the very successful IT consulting firm http://www.multitrends.com joined us.

As always, fast forward to about 32 minutes and listen in: https://soundcloud.com/ian-jessop-cfax/may-5-2pm


Click this link and listen to Ian Jessop and I talk about how to value your business. We’re on monthly on the first Monday each month at 2:30pm talking entrepreneurship.

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Today we talk about three of British Columbia’s leading entrepreneurs and their stories. Click this link and fast forward to about 32 minutes:


This month Ian Jessop and I talk about:

(1) what it’s like in the early days of starting a business and
(2) what business owners should be thinking about when getting ready to sell their companies.


This is the first of a monthly segment on entrepreneurship airing on CFAX 1070 in Victoria. It runs at 2:30pm on the first Monday of each month.

During this show we talk about my background, the importance of passion, skill and an effective financial engine and, finally, why we’re doing this segment on entrepreneurship.

I hope you enjoy it (fast forward to about 32 minutes).


I’m now doing a monthly radio segment on the Ian Jessop show at 2:30pm on tche first Monday of each month.

Here is a link to yesterday’s show (my second) on money! I’ll post a link to the September show tomorrow.

Fast forward to about 32 minutes.

I hope you enjoy listening!


Ian Jessop hosts a One-on-One segment on Victoria’s CFAX 1070 radio station.

Last week I joined Geoff Archer, (who is singularly the best entrepreneurship professor I have met), to talk about vision statements and business plans. After the show Ian asked me if I’d like to talk entrepreneurship with him on his Sunday morning show.

I’m always happy to discuss entrepreneurship with the hope that someone out there will hear something that challenges them, motivates them or even reminds them that if they’re tripping in their entrepreneurial journey that it’s okay as long as they keep getting up.

If you would like to listen to me and Ian please click on the link below. The interview starts about 6 minutes into the segment.