November’s segment was a fun one in which we discussed stock market crashes! Stay tuned for the December segment which is coming up at 2:30pm on Monday afternoon. Topic to come shortly!

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Yesterday was my monthly segment on entrepreneurship on CFAX 1070. The host and I spent most of the program talking about the role of a university education in entrepreneurship.

Notwithstanding that I was part of the leadership team which formed http://www.entrepreneurship.ubc.ca, I don’t believe entrepreneurship can be taught. I do, however, believe that entrepreneurs can be taught to be better entrepreneurs. I cite an example of how I could have been helped in my second business to understand the imperative of managing the receivables line item on my company’s balance sheet.

Here’s a link to the show. Remember to fast forward to about 32 minutes and listen in!


–> A digression… Those of you who know me know that I have always volunteered in and for my community. What you may not know, because I tend to keep it this way, is that I have often volunteered on political campaigns.

To this end I am currently volunteering as chair of a mayoral campaign in Victoria, BC.

Ida chong is my candidate for mayor: http://www.idachongvictoria.ca.

She is a former provincial cabinet minister, a Certified General Accountant and is concerned about her home town.

Sometimes politics can get dirty. Fortunately, Ida has insisted that we run a fact based campaign and avoid personal attacks.

Unfortunately the chief “bag-man” (aka fundraiser) for one of Ida’s opponents (a sitting city councillor) decided to go personal and to go dirty on me.

I don’t care that he went dirty on me.

What I do care about though is that he targeted his venom at me in my capacity as a volunteer, someone not even running for office! My primary concern is that this type of smarmy campaigning will dissuade others from wanting to volunteer in elections.

This reflected poorly on him, it reflects poorly on his readers and it reflects poorly on his candidate. He owes an apology to his candidate. His candidate (www.lisahelpsvictoria.ca) owes an apology on behalf of her campaign to Ida.

Furthermore, it concerns me that Lisa is surrounding herself with people like the article’s author. Leaders are reflected in part by who they choose as advisers. The author is Lisa’s chief bag-man and he doesn’t disclose it which is misleading.

The author has resorted to very poor tactics and Lisa not only doesn’t apologize for it, but doubles down and supports it in social media. If this is who this candidate looks to for support and advice while running I wonder who she would choose to surround her if elected.

Here’s a link to his article:http://focusonline.ca/?q=node/787

Here’s a link to my comments yesterday on CFAX – fast forward to about 53 minutes: https://soundcloud.com/ian-jessop-cfax/november-3rd-2pm