Today we talked about mentorship and its value to entrepreneurs on CFAX 1070. Oliver Perez who I worked with at my last business and who has since gone on to build up the very successful IT consulting firm http://www.multitrends.com joined us.

As always, fast forward to about 32 minutes and listen in: https://soundcloud.com/ian-jessop-cfax/may-5-2pm


Today we talk about three of British Columbia’s leading entrepreneurs and their stories. Click this link and fast forward to about 32 minutes:


Today Ian and I talked tourism and franchises. Tune in at the link below and fast forward to about 32 minutes in for the 1/2 hours segment.




Here’s an article in the current edition of Inc. magazine that might be of interest to business owners.

My observation of the BC market is this:

– lots of baby-boomer business owners are hanging on in order to improve their financial statements after the 2008/2009 downturn

– US private equity firms and firms from Ontario are sitting on lots of committed capital and have to put it to work. That’s having the effect of making it a sellers’ market for businesses with more than $5,000,000 EBITDA.

– There is a dearth of really good small businesses with $500,000 to $1,000,000 EBITDA which is also making that a sellers’ market.

– The next five years will see a shift with an increase in the number of businesses for sale and fewer buyers after having already put their capital to work.

– It will shift to a buyers’ market.

Enjoy the article.


This month we talk about the “Twelve Days of Christmas”, or the twelve things entrepreneurs should be thinking about as they plan for 2014.

Click the link here: http://www.cfax1070.com/Media/CFAX-Podcasts/Ian-Jessop/December-2-2013-2pm


This month we discussed business failures. Failures are an important part of the business process. Successful entrepreneurs pick themselves up, dust themselves off and learn from their failures. Often times the most successful entrepreneurs have had the most spectacular failures.

Warren Buffett estimates that his biggest failure has cost him $100 billion. I discuss this and others on today’s CFAX 1070 show at 2:30pm.

Click this link and fast forward to about 32 minutes: http://www.cfax1070.com/Media/CFAX-Podcasts/Ian-Jessop/November-4-2013-2pm.

This is the first of a monthly segment on entrepreneurship airing on CFAX 1070 in Victoria. It runs at 2:30pm on the first Monday of each month.

During this show we talk about my background, the importance of passion, skill and an effective financial engine and, finally, why we’re doing this segment on entrepreneurship.

I hope you enjoy it (fast forward to about 32 minutes).


I’m now doing a monthly radio segment on the Ian Jessop show at 2:30pm on tche first Monday of each month.

Here is a link to yesterday’s show (my second) on money! I’ll post a link to the September show tomorrow.

Fast forward to about 32 minutes.

I hope you enjoy listening!


Ian Jessop hosts a One-on-One segment on Victoria’s CFAX 1070 radio station.

Last week I joined Geoff Archer, (who is singularly the best entrepreneurship professor I have met), to talk about vision statements and business plans. After the show Ian asked me if I’d like to talk entrepreneurship with him on his Sunday morning show.

I’m always happy to discuss entrepreneurship with the hope that someone out there will hear something that challenges them, motivates them or even reminds them that if they’re tripping in their entrepreneurial journey that it’s okay as long as they keep getting up.

If you would like to listen to me and Ian please click on the link below. The interview starts about 6 minutes into the segment.


When I was young I was not a big reader. This is likely because I found it arduous when someone told me I had to read something (studying) as opposed to reading something simply out of interest.

As I’ve “grown up” I find myself reading more and more. Everything I read is for pleasure. This includes the reading I had to complete for my CMA designation. When reading for fun I absorb more and get more out of the experience.

The most successful entrepreneurs I know share these three characteristics:

(1) have laser focus,

(2) are great leaders and,

(3) are very well read.

It is because of #3 that I thought I would share this link (thanks C100) on the “Six Must Read Books for every Entrepreneur”


Full disclosure, I haven’t read any of them! But I’ve just ordered them and look forward to doing so!