September 22, 2010

I met Robin McFee and Winnie Lai a couple of years ago when we were in the very early stages of forming entrepreneurship@UBC (it was so long ago that e@UBC was then called the UBC New Ventures Program!).

They immediately impressed me as two student / entrepreneurs who had the royal jelly to make something interesting happen.  I think Robin has been involved in three start-ups since we met (Clinicbook.ca being the third) and Winnie has been busy not only co-founding Clinicbook, but also running and expanding the Vancouver Student Entrepreneurship Association.

Clinicbook is an interesting start-up that is attempting to assist individual users of health care toward better access both primary care physicians (by communicating wait times) and dentists (by booking appointments online).  Think OpenTable but for doctors.

Winnie was recently featured in MacLean’s Magazine.  Check out the article here: http://ow.ly/2Ipw4


I was so pleased to learn that this week Robin McFee and Winnie Lai’s online startup business generated its first $1 of revenue.

This is a great example of entrepreneurship at its finest:

(1) Robin and Winnie identified a market problem (managing waiting times and phone call volumes at offices of family doctors).

(2) Devised a solution and validated it with the marketplace.

(3) Built an alpha of the product and did a soft launch.

(4) Revised based on feedback.

(5) Showed value before charging, and now;

(6) Clinicbook is live and in revenue.

My heartiest congratulations to these great UBC student entrepreneurs.

Visit and use Clinicbook here: www.clinicbook.ca