Father’s Day – what Don Mawhinney taught me.

June 16, 2013

My father passed away a couple of years ago. Not a day goes by without me thinking of him. He was a great dad, friend, mentor, advisor and constant champion.

As I reflect on him today here are a few things he taught me. By the way, while there were some points in life that were learning moments where he had to “teach” me, most of what I learned from my dad was through observation.

He taught me by just being who he was.

(1) Be honest.
(2) Be capable.
(3) Be confident.
(4) Be modest.
(5) Be firm.
(6) Be fair.
(7) Be generous.
(8) Learn to communicate effectively using both the written and spoken word.
(9) Get satisfaction from doing a good job, not from accolades.
(10) Acknowledge, reward and celebrate the success of others. Don’t look for acknowledgement or rewards from others.
(11) Read.
(12) Work hard.
(13) Live in a house you like.
(14)Don’t view your house as an investment, view it as a home.
(15) Spend less than you earn, but do not hesitate to reward yourself. Enjoy life.
(16) If you dirty a dish you should clean it.
(17) Contribute to your community.
(18) Give others credit, take the blame.

Thanks Dad.


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