What matters in an investor pitch?

March 13, 2012

The best investor pitches I’ve seen are the ones that are straight forward, concise and, most importantly, answer the questions that matter to a prospective investor.


In my experience the questions that matter include:

(1) What is the market problem that needs solving?

(2) What is your company’s solution?

(3) Who are you and why are you the best team to execute?

(4) How much money do you need and how is the company going to make money?

Business Insider recently posted Airbnb’s first investor pitch. You can find it here:http://www.businessinsider.com/airbnb-a-13-billion-dollar-startups-first-ever-pitch-deck-2011-9#-1

It’s ten slides long, is short on words (you want the audience focused on you and not reading the slides), long on facts and gets to the point quickly. This would have been a ten or fifteen minute presentation allowing for a good discussion (wanted) afterward.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for that first tranche of cash then take a look through this pitch.


2 Responses to “What matters in an investor pitch?”

  1. Carl Williams Says:

    Thanks Mark.

    Completely agree, I would add to that – using powerful images to support the presentation (Steve Jobs style). I came across this recommendation in a new pitching book for entrepreneurs – Here’s the Pitch ( http://investorpitchclinic.com/pitchbook ) which is in line with the advice you give,



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