If it feels right then it probably is

January 25, 2011


If it feels right then it probably is.

This is a very simple message one of my mentors once gave me when dealing with a particularly challenging management issue.

There are many different styles of leadership.  It may be the case that different circumstances require different approaches – a restaurant manager leading a team in a fast paced retail environment may require a different approach than the managing partner of an accounting firm.

My friend Martin Ertl who was the UBC Alumni Association board chair, co-founder of Navarik and is now founder and CEO of Contractual.ly shared this link on three ways to help people get things done: http://ow.ly/3JSUg .

(1) The bully with the heart of gold.

(2) Creating scarce prizes.

(3) Open the door.

I’ve used method one (in my first business, a 325 seat restaurant) and method three (in my second business, a computer services firm and in various volunteer leadership roles).

I feel best and it feels most natural when I just open the door.  Setting the overall goal and direction, fostering the organization’s culture, bringing really good people around the table, getting them into the right positions, providing them resources and support and then just letting them go and do great things.

I find it works best with professionals, self-motivated and driven people and it works best when those around the table are more skilled than me in their particular areas of expertise.  It also works best when the job at hand requires more than one person!

If you’re leading an organization, starting a new company or manage a team this is worth a quick read.



2 Responses to “If it feels right then it probably is”

  1. Erin Says:

    From an employee perspective, I find option three works the best as well. People are motivated to do their best with “firm support” and will work harder as a result.

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