An entrepreneur is selling

July 26, 2010

Many years ago I hired Sharon Barwick for all my floral needs.  Flowers to mom on holidays, to friends as congratulations and to my then girlfriend (now wife) just to say I’m thinking of her.

Sharon was terrific, but she chose to sell her business about seven years ago to a young entrepreneur named Hazel Egerton.

I don’t know, but I would guess that Hazel was in her mid-twenties when she purchased the business.  I was a bit skeptical (as change always creates unrest), but I thought I’d continue using Barwick Designs until Hazel missed my expectations.

Hazel and her company have been spectacular.  She took what Sharon started and, in my view, built it into a spectacular small business.  I’m so impressed with her business that Hazel did all of the staging and flowers for my wedding.  Our guests were blown away.

So, I’m at once saddened that Hazel has decided it’s time to sell her company, but also excited for her with respect to the next chapter in her entrepreneurial journey!

If you are trying to find a small business to acquire I’d recommend considering Barwick Designs.  The firm has a terrific reputation to build off of and, I think, is in a terrific marketplace.  Weddings (one of her vertical markets) are big business and I think the right entrepreneur could take this business to the next level.

Visit www.barwickdesigns.com to learn more and give Hazel a call!


5 Responses to “An entrepreneur is selling”

  1. Panos Kyriacou Says:

    Hi Mark:

    I have been reading your articles on entrepreneurship with interest. However, it seems to me that you do not distinguish a regular run-of-the- mill business person from an entrepreneur. In my opinion, they are two separate and distinct entities. Not all business people are entrepreneurs. Say for example an immigrant family comes to Canada with no education but with a little money and they decide to buy a Marvelous Muffins franchise, are they now entrepreneurs? In my opinion, I do not think so. My dad ran a convenience store for 30 years. Was he a business person? Yes, most definitely. Was he an entrepreneur? No, I don’t think so. If you are good at arranging flowers, does that make you an entrepreneur? No. Likewise, if you are good at running a convenience store, does that make you an entrepreneur? Again no. One has to distinguish your regular retail business person, from the likes of real entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Richard Branson etc.


    • Thanks for your comment. It goes to a long time debate about what constitutes an entrepreneur.

      Dictionary.com defines an entrepreneur as:

      en·tre·pre·neur   [ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noor; Fr. ahn-truh-pruh-nœr] Show IPA noun, plural -neurs  [-nurz, -noorz; Fr. -nœr] Show IPA, verb
      1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
      2. an employer of productive labor; contractor.

      I tend to agree, generally, that an entrepreneur is someone who takes risk to start something new. This includes small businesspeople (your dad included) and very successful businesspeople like the ones you reference in your post.

      • Panos Kyriacou Says:

        Hi Mark:

        If risk is your way of assessing entrepreneurship, then we are essentially all entrepreneurs of life. Every time we step out of our house, we run the risk of being hit by a car. Risk is inherent in everything that we do in our daily lives. My definition of an entrepreneur, is someone who thinks outside the box and attempts things that the average person would not normally attempt. Buying a Marvelous Muffins franchise for example and then being told how to construct your store and given a recipe to follow on how to bake your muffins, does (in my opinion) not constitute being an entrepreneur. That is why I feel it is important to distinguish between a regular run-of-the mill retail business person and a genuine entrepreneur.


  2. Hazel Egerton Says:

    Well I’m not sure if I was an entrepreneur or just a business person but I have settled nicely into my new northern home and am ready for the next adventure!

    I wanted to make sure you knew how much your support and business meant to me over the years. Also I wanted to forward the contact info for one of my favorite florists on the Island – http://www.poppiestif.ca/index.html

    Best wishes,

    Hazel Egerton

    • I absolutely think you were an entrepreneur. Everyone has a choice: go and work for someone or go and work for yourself. You know as well as I do that choosing the “work for yourself” path without a big safety net is much easier said than done. Kudos to you for doing it and doing it well!

      I already miss you (and have needed your incredible creations). All the best for your new adventure (ever though about continuing to do it from afar?!)

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