An accidental entrepreneur

April 8, 2010

My cousin Paul Giesbrecht is a great example of young entrepreneurship at its very best.

He was a first year Bachelor of Fine Arts student at UBC s when  he was thrust into the role of the accidental entrepreneur.  His mom founded LeslieJane, a women’s fashion store, in the seventies and, sadly, was taken prematurely by cancer.  Paul took over his mom’s store and learn entrepreneurship and business through the school of hard knocks.

He had to learn buying, negotiating with landlords, marketing, training, sales, hiring and firing, strategic and business planning, accounting and finance amongst other things.  All this while he studied fine arts at UBC.

He’s done a great job.  Now, ten years hence, Paul has celebrated the store’s thirtieth year with its best performance ever.  All this in a very difficult economic environment.

So, congratulations to Paul – the accidental entrepreneur who is doing great things for his business.

Check out this feature on him from the November 2008 edition of Business In Vancouver:



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