Business opportunity #2

January 27, 2010

(1) Passion

I describe my passions as deal making, leading, managing, motivating, team building, boating, jogging, biking, reading, politics, finance, BC’s southern Gulf Islands, business and Vancouver.

My passions as described by my personal board of directors: “big picture”, politics, drive my own vision (not someone else’s), control, client facing, see things work, instinct, not bigco, managing.

  • Deal making: 2
  • Leading: 3
  • Managing: 3
  • Motivating: 3
  • Team building: 3
  • Boating, jogging, biking, reading, politics, finance: 3
  • BC’s Southern Gulf Islands: 3
  • Business: 2
  • Vancouver: 3
  • Big picture: 3
  • Drive my own vision: 3
  • Control: 2
  • Client facing: 3
  • See things work: 2
  • Instinct: 3
  • Not bigco: 3

This opportunity allows me to directly pursue one of my personal passions.  It gets me immersed into something I love and I can see the track to growth.  However, its growth is probably limited.  The income potential is lower in this and the business could very well become a lifestyle, which isn’t really what I’m looking for.

(2) Skill

As identified by my personal board of directors: people, strategy, advising, relationships, goal driven, process oriented, structured, execution, sales, presentation and verbal skills.

  • People: 3
  • Strategy: 3
  • Advising: 1
  • Relationships: 3
  • Goal driven: 3
  • Process oriented: 3
  • Structured: 3
  • Execution: 3
  • Sales: 3
  • Presentation/communication: 2
  • Verbal: 1

I have no doubt that I could execute on this business plan and do a great job.  I’m quite confident that I could build this company into a market leader over the course of time.  But, like all opportunities, it has its drawbacks.  I wouldn’t be totally free to drive my own vision because I’m looking at doing it with a partner.

(3) Economic engine.

This opportunity has the potential to become a bit of a lifestyle business by generating a nice income, but not much more than that.  I’m not a believer in building up a company for the purpose of selling it, rather I think one should build a business to be the best in its market.  The rest takes care of itself.  I get concerned that after taking a financial risk and building this business up that the equity wouldn’t be worth very much.  When I look at other businesses in this space that seems to be the trend.  Now, I could always break free of that but the tides would be running against me.

  • Economic prospects: 2

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