Serious fun

January 22, 2010

My director of business development at PCWorks (who I credit with helping take the company from about $15,000 in monthly revenue to around $150,000 and who has since gone on to build a successful speaking business – visit www.itwitch.com) used to have a turn of phrase, “serious fun”.

I always liked it because it reminded the team that we were involved in building a startup business, which was serious.  But it also reminded us that we needed to have fun in the process.

That company was a really tough one for me.  I had invested all of my available capital before it started to turn the post.  I was stressed because it took almost two years to make a profit and I was the only source of funds.  Let me say that it really is a reality check when your personal bank account is very close to being dry and your company still isn’t making money.

Fortunately it turned around in the end, and while I didn’t make money on that company I did get most (not all) of the investment back.  Even though it was rough at times, I’d like to think we had some fun.  Whether it was first person games played through our office’s network, going to my family’s place in the Gulf Islands, going River Rafting or just hanging out over brunch on the weekend – we never really lost sight of the fact that we needed a bit of levity.

This video was forwarded by Sarah McNeill of McNeill Nakamoto (www.mcnak.com) and I think it’s just terrific.  Kudos to this team for having serious fun.



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