Mentor lesson #2: do what you love

December 23, 2009

Fifteen years ago my dad sent me to a long time client of his for some career and life advice.  I had just graduated from university and was trying to figure out what to do with my life.

I remember that day and that advice vividly.  I owned a white Volkswagen Jetta, was wearing a green golf shirt, khaki pants, boat shoes and met in his office in Washington state.  His green Mercedes S500 was in his parking lot and he referred to it as being “ugly as sin, but drives like a dream.”

We spent two hours together and I remember one piece of advice as though it was delivered to me only a few minutes ago.  It was, “do what you love and all else will follow.”

I haven’t always followed this advice, but when I have I’ve been happier, more successful and have just felt normal.

I came across this video of Steve Jobs delivering the commencement address to a Stanford graduating class.  One of his messages, “follow your heart, it knows what you want to become”, reminded me of my mentor’s 1994 lesson.

See the video below.  It’s well worth fifteen minutes.


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