UBC Student and Alumni Entrepreneurs

November 21, 2009

Until I find my next business (my third) I have to satisfy my entrepreneurial thirsts vicariously through various friends, acquaintances and colleagues.

I’ve referenced Robert Zalaudek and his business www.buildyourcore.com before (read the entry here).  Robert has a passion for physical fitness and pursued that passion by making a side trip to Germany from a European vacation to cold call and pitch a Canadian distributorship for the SitFit.

Now several months later, Robert is in full swing with direct to consumer sales, business-to-business sales, “enterprise” sales (to corporate accounts who can buy many SitFits at a time) and, indeed, is even selling through his online store.

I came across this impromptu pitch Robert delivered at a recent student entrepreneurship conference.  Here it is below:

And visit Jon Chui’s blog entry on the conference here: http://tinyurl.com/ydwqqes.

I haven’t met Jon yet, but I understand he is passionate about student entrepreneurship.

This is music to my ears especially in light of the very exciting entrepreneurship@UBC initiative I am helping set up at The University of British Columbia (more to come on this soon).


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