Unconventional entrepreneurship

September 22, 2009

Entrepreneurship is something people often relate only to business.  While my career has been in business, I am of the view that entrepreneurship can appear anywhere.

One such non-conventional story of entrepreneurship relates to a friend of mine who gave up a corporate job to join her then fiance on a human powered trip around the world.

Julie Angus (nee Wafaei) of www.angusadventures.com joined Colin in 2005 on the first human powered circumnavigation.  Julie and Colin walked, ran and rode bikes across Asia/Russia/Western Europe and then launched themselves into the Atlantic Ocean.  Julie became the first woman to successfully transit the Atlantic in a rowboat and concluded her journey in Vancouver on bike in 2006.

Entrepreneurship involves risk, managing with scarce resources and bouncing back from adversity while always believing in and driving toward an ultimate goal.  Julie and Colin exemplify skills necessary for leading an early stage business.

I strongly encourage you to visit her blog at http://angusadventures.com/blog/ and check them out during one of their road shows.


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