Finding your passion and entrepreneurship

July 27, 2009

Entrepreneurs take risks and then organize and manage new enterprises (often businesses).  Regular readers of my blog know that I have been looking for my next business opportunity for several years.  I haven’t found it yet (but stay tuned) so in the interim I have to live vicariously through my friends and acquaintances.

One such person is a Vancouver entrepreneur named Robert Zalaudek.  I’ve known Robert since his undergraduate university days when he owned various coin operated vending machines.  Recently, after practicing as a professional technology recruiter, Robert took a risk, left his firm and followed his passion (read Hedgehog entry by clicking here) by starting a company to distribute the European designed and manufactured Sit Fit.

I’ve known Robert a long time and if I were to list his passions (not including family and friends) I would include tennis, general physical fitness and wine.  This evolving story is a true one in entrepreneurship.  Robert decided he wanted to start a business, sought out a product, defined a business model, approached the manufacturer (in Germany, no less), proposed various structures and went through many rounds of discussions before landing on his current deal.  If memory serves me correctly, then establishing his business has taken about six months.

This is just the beginning for Robert and Build Your Core.  I have no doubt that he is going to have great business success.  Check out Robert’s company website at www.buildyourcore.com and, even better, buy his core building Sit Fit product.  I’m sitting on one now and can attest to its effectiveness!


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  1. […] referenced Robert Zalaudek and his business http://www.buildyourcore.com before (read the entry here).  Robert has a passion for physical fitness and pursued that passion by making a side trip to […]

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