I am dumbfounded

June 15, 2009

In a recent Globe & Mail piece it was written that a group plans to approach government for public funds in support of a new mosque in BC’s northern community of Prince George. Cultural diversity is part of Canada’s fabric and I have no issue with the concept of building a mosque.

The issue I have is with a point made in the article that the case being made for public funding is supported, at least in part, on the basis that Prince George is losing professionals, such as surgeons, because of the absence of a mosque. The article goes on to indicate that the belief is that, if a mosque is built, Prince George will recruit and retain more surgeons. Special reference is made to a plastic surgeon who decided to move to Ontario and an orthopedic surgeon who chose the U.K. over Prince George. In both cases the article infers that this was strictly because Prince George didn’t have a mosque.

This is pure folly and shows how out of touch the policy makers are with what is really going on with recruitment and retention of surgeons in the Prince George community. Those of you who know me well also understand those issues well.

The matter of recruiting and, more importantly, retaining doctors in Prince George has about as much to do with a mosque as it does to do with the US government’s investment in General Motors.

If you’re interested, take a look at the article and draw your own conclusions. I have linked it below:



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