A bit of fun

June 12, 2009

Rebecca and I purchased a ten week old Wheaten Terrier puppy late last year.  Cobalt (dba “Coby”)  has been an excellent addition to our lives.  Yes, he’s a bit of work, particularly when he was less than six months old, but now that he’s into his groove it’s just great.

He sits, stays, shakes a paw, stays down and comes (most of time) when we call him.  We’re now working on keeping his attention when there are lots of distractions such as other dogs or people.

Now for the “bit of fun” part.  There’s an off leash dog park near our place in Vancouver where I try and take Coby to play at least once daily.  Generally speaking, he runs around for twenty or thirty minutes and burns off most of his pent up energy.  And, generally speaking, we get home with a clean dog and a clean Mark!  Not yesterday.

As evidenced in the photo below, Coby decided it would be a first rate idea to chase ducks through their swamp.  This translated into one puppy caked in thick goop.

One dirty Wheaten Terrier!

It also translated into a thirty minute bath!


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