It’s all about me

March 28, 2009

I attended the University of British Columbia’s Commerce Undergraduate Society’s 2009 “Me Inc.” conference as a speaker this past Friday and, wow, what an impressive group of students and what a well run program.

The Me Inc. conference is organized by UBC’s commerce students for UBC’s commerce students (www.sauder.ubc.ca) and helps them to think about and research various career options available to them. Over the course of one day students can participate in various tracks including banking, finance, non-profit, entrepreneurship (my topic), real estate and others. Visit www.meinc2009.com to learn more.

They also organized a neat “power networking” session where speakers like me move from table to table over the course of lunch. It gave me an opportunity to meet and talk to far more students that I would have had otherwise. Hopefully the students found some value in it too!

By this post I send a hearty “congratulations” out to the organizers. They put together a topical, well run and effective conference. I only wish they were around when I was doing my degree at UBC!


2 Responses to “It’s all about me”

  1. Wenting Says:

    It was definitely well-organized, and all the guests/speakers like yourself added to the value of the conference. So thank you!

  2. Thanks Wenting! I really enjoyed the event and am always really excited after speaking with UBC student entrepreneurs!

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